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Welcome to Valiant Galaxy Associates. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site.

We are the creators of games set in the Valiant Galaxy, our flagship science fiction setting that ranges from the present to more than a thousand years in the future. Our games are self-voicing audio games with high quality sounds and various interfaces.

We currently have two games in this setting. Interceptor is a turn-based strategy game in which you take control of a space fighter destroying waves of gray fighters attacking your mother ship. The second, which is free, Traders of Known Space allows the player to become a merchant during the Second Interstellar Wars, trading, defending yourself from grays and pirates, and attempting to make a profit.

Future games will be set within this same universe, and will use the same types of technology, aliens, and game statistics. Future games will explore strategic gaming with you as admiral of a star fleet, survival after a crash landing, exploration, and other themes.

For those who do not enjoy science fiction, we also offer mini-games that explore other time periods of the past and genres of game. Currently our only offering in this series is Yellowbonnet, a western minigame. It is 1885, and you have arrived in Yellowbonnet to make a name in the west; unfortunately, you are almost out of money, and must first perform jobs for townspeople in order to settle down.

Besides audio games, we hope to release high quality applications for the market mostly aimed at blind or visually impaired customers. We appreciate your visit, and hope you will return to the Valiant Galaxy.

Latest News

Announcing Release of Interceptor

July 8, 2015

Valiant Galaxy Associates is proud to announce the release of the long awaited game Interceptor. In Interceptor you take control of a space fighter struggling to defend your mother ship from waves of gray fighters attacking. The game can be played on a simple quick mode good for stress relief or on a normal mode which requires resource management and strategic decision making. The game includes 10 levels, 8 types of enemy ships, and a high degree of randomness to increase replay value. The game is menu-driven and requires few keyboarding skills.

WARNING!!! Gray fighters incoming! Will you answer their challenge?

Last updated: July 18, 2015