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We are happy to announce the inauguration of our new line of minigames. These games will be priced inexpensively and allow us to explore other genres and time periods from our main line of Valiant Galaxy products. Fresh from the amazing efforts of our beta test team comes Yellowbonnet.

Yellowbonnet is the first minigame in Valiant Galaxy Associates’ series of Western games. In the game, the player takes on the role of a new arrival in the western town of Yellowbonnet in the year 1885. As a newcomer, you need income. There are six jobs hidden about the map, as well as objects for the finding that can be sold for money. Complete all six jobs in the shortest amount of time, and gain as much money as possible. But be warned: Yellowbonnet holds dangers as well. Mad bulls, vicious outlaws, and drunken cowboys can all pose a threat as you progress through the town.

Yellowbonnet uses a map mode for exploration and movement and a menu mode for interaction and combat. (Players of our free title Traders of Known Space will notice similarities.) The map is laid out on a simple seven by seven grid and the town has twenty locations, and five main streets. As the player navigates they will find characters to interact with, locations to look at and search, and possibly items to buy or sell. The controls are simple, and the gameplay quick. A typical game can be completed in 15-45 minutes.

Yellowbonnet is completely self-voicing. The game is menu-driven, and there is no need to worry about being able to place your mouse in an exact position. Documentation is included with the game itself, and you can access our online documentation from inside the game. The game is forgiving, and if you must take a phone call or step away from your computer, your Wild West adventure will still be waiting. With over three dozen characters, twenty locations, and a high degree of random chance, the game is extremely replayable.

Yellowbonnet needs heroes, won’t you step up and be counted?