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About Us

Valiant Galaxy Associates was formed to provide quality audio games and applications for the blind and visually impaired. Our goal is to provide low cost gaming, high quality play experience, and where possible a high degree of replayability. No one company can be all things to all people, but we wish to excel in any field we enter and to that end we will be continually expanding the scope and reach of our games. The company is composed of primarily the two founders: Aaron Speares and Jeremy Brown.

Aaron Spears lives in West Virginia and has many years experience coding. He has taught several technology semenars in the area, and he often aids the visually impaired community of West Virginia by participating in local camps for visually impaired children. Aaron has also developed a number of applications for the online community including Speak Dropbox. You can learn more at his private site here. Aaron's interests include audio games, technology, heavy machinery, and westerns.

Jeremy Brown lives in Tennessee. He has written a number of online articles for roleplaying sites. He has also contributed to the articles for the online mud Alter_Aeon. Jeremy's interests include roleplaying games, music, history, and reading.