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Valiant Galaxy Associates currently has three games available or in beta testing!

GuideDog Games

To play most of our games, you will have to go to GuideDog Games to set up an account and to purchase the game. An internet connection is required to play the game, but you do not have to have a browser open, the individual game will open GuideDog for you. Setting up an account and/or purchasing a game is easy and takes about five minutes.

The Valiant Galaxy

The following games take place in our official Valiant Galaxy setting. For more information about the setting please see The Valiant Galaxy Timeline or The Races of Known Space.

Traders of Known Space

In Traders of Known Space, the player takes on the persona of a merchant during a time of interstellar war. You must plot courses, buy goods, avoid hazards, and sell at a profit. TKS is free and does not require a GuideDog account to play.


Interceptor is our first commercial game set in the Valiant Galaxy. As your mother ship is traveling, it is suddenly attacked by a fleet of gray warships. As an Interceptor squadron leader, you must destroy as many incoming fighters as possible. The game includes ten exciting levels of play, eight types of alien fighter to destroy, and extreme resource management. The game takes approximately thirty to forty-five minutes to play, and it costs ten dollars.

Expanding Known Space

In Expanding Known Space, you are the admiral of a fleet of one of the two human alliances during the First Interstellar Wars. Your mission is to conquer the other alliance. EKS uses map and menu modes and is a game of high strategy. The game features five difficulty levels, four standard victory conditions, five AI modes, and nine missions to change how the game plays. The game sells for $19.99 U.S.


In our series of minigames, we will explore time periods or genres outside our official setting’s science fiction emphasis.


In Yellowbonnet, you are a recent arrival to a small town in America’s Wild West. The year is 1885, and you are broke. To win the game, you must find the six characters on the map with work, avoid hazards, and survive. The game takes approximately fifteen to thirty minutes to play.